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1 dead, 1 injured, 2 men wanted after hit-and-run in Melbourne’s


Hall Road Accident: 1 dead, 1 injured, 2 men wanted after hit-and-run in Melbourne’s: Police have revealed a picture of the man who is being alleged to be behind the wheel when it comes to the fatal hit and runs which has taken place in Melbourne’s south-east which has left one of the roadworkers dead and there is another who is fighting for life in the hospital. Jarrod Dwyer who is the Detective Acting Senior Sergeant has reported on Tuesday in the afternoon, the driver of a red Holden Commodore which has crashed and has killed a 44-year-old Bayswater man looked at his victim before he ran and he was photographed by a good Samaritan as he was leaving the place on foot. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Hall Road Accident

Hall Road Accident

The man was travelling at a high speed and he drove straight into the two road workers, they were in the process of setting out roadworks, this has been stated by the officer, he went out and was looking directly at the two victims and he ran off, this has been a callous cold act, this is what cowards do it seems like. It has been further stated by Mr Dwyer that the driver was travelling at a pretty high speed, he was in a 40 km/hr zone at Carrum Downs at 7:15 am when he was running into the road workers. A worker was wedged between the red commodore and workers and the person died at the scene.

Hall Road Accident

Hall Road Accident Updates

It has been further revealed by Mr Dwyer that the officer fled on foot, he got picked up by another man in a black SUV, the driver of the vehicle drove at police as they a pursuit was being carried out at the time, the crash has happened on Hall Road which is near the intersection of Lats Avenue. It has been stated by the police that they are looking for a man who is believed to be in his 30s of Caucasian appearance, it has been shown from the pictures that this has been total wreckage when it comes to the red vehicle and the workers’ ute, they were pushed nose-first into a tree.

Hall Road Accident

There have been parking cones which have been set up next when it comes to the large median strip, this is where the workers were operating who got knocked on the ground and the base of one cone has been resting on the roof of the red Holden, police are trying to contact the people who have seen the event happening in order to get a more clear view as to what has happened.

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