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11 Rocne Dievca Miloslavov Video Who Was 11-Years-old Girl Was beaten & filmed in Miloslava? Dead or Alive?


Nowadays, social media has taken the face of such a sensational platform where every day new viral video case is reported and setting the buzz as well, but it is not necessary that every time these videos lead the explicit content, sometimes the matter could be different. Yes, you heard right, something worse is recently surfaced on the internet sites which made everyone shocked, as a gang of 14,15, and 16 years earlier, was attacked a girl who is just an 11-years-old, and did such inappropriate things with her which are punishable enough, as video is showing.

11 Rocne Dievca Miloslavov Video

As per the exclusive reports or sources, defaulters purchased alcohol for her and forcefully fed her as well, beat and took her clothes off as well. Meanwhile, one of them recorded the entire video through the cellphone and posted it on social media. Later, the video circulated rapidly and set the buzz along with sensation among everyone, because as soon as the video is being watched by the people their immense reaction is coming out, where everyone is seeking justice for her, as the culprits have crossed their all limits while attempting inappropriate things with her despite knowing that, she not mature enough.

11 Rocne Dievca Miloslavov Video

It is being reported, that when she lay motionless all three culprits got scared and tried to hide her so that, no one could recognize them as they have executed such a heinous crime. But seemingly, anyone lastly is often known as an ambulance as later her mother’s reaction came out on the incident, where she urged to the department for taking those culprits into the custody no matter what is their age, but the way they have attacked her daughter is brutal enough as everyone could see this, in such manner.

As soon as the video is getting circulated on all over the internet sites, the massive reactions of the users are taking place, where everyone is requesting the police to take strict action against the culprits, as they have executed such a heinous crime with a minor girl. Even the concerned department is investigating the case, to take all of them in the custody as soon as possible. The incident occurred on 2nd January 2022 inside the former cooperative zone which is located in Alzbetin dvor house of Milos Laviv. So we have shared such details here and when something will spot ahead we will make you acquainted for sure.


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