5 Ways to deal with the rising Fuel Prices in India

The seemingly ever-rising fuel prices have consistently been a cause for worry in the minds of consumers. The petrol rate in India has crossed the Rs. 100 mark in almost all of the states, leading to widespread concern.

5 Ways to deal with the rising Fuel Prices in India

However, if you’re worried about the rising fuel prices burning a massive hole in your pocket, there are a few things that you can do to ease the pain a little. Here are five different ways in which you can deal with the fuel price rise.

But before we get to the main topic, let’s quickly take a look at the current petrol price in two of the biggest cities in India – Delhi and Mumbai.

On October 15, 2021, Petrol Price in Delhi is currently retailing at Rs. 105.14 per litre, which is the capital of India. On the other hand, in Mumbai, which is the country’s financial capital, petrol is currently being sold for Rs. 111.09 per litre on October 15, 2021.

As you can see, petrol price in Mumbai has breached even the Rs. 110 mark, with Diesel all set to soon follow. But don’t fret, even with the rising costs of fuel, you can still save plenty. Wondering how? Continue reading to find out.

Here are five different ways through which you can deal with rising fuel prices.

1.    Maintain Your Vehicle Properly

Did you know that an improperly maintained vehicle can lead to a loss in fuel efficiency? Yes, you read that right. It is vital to keep your vehicle constantly serviced and in good condition. Doing this can improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and give you more mileage per litre.

2.      Check Your Driving Habit

If you tend to drive aggressively or press the accelerator a bit too hard, you may want to check your driving habit immediately. Driving around in a calm, cool, and sedate manner with even accelerator inputs can lead to your vehicle returning exceptional fuel efficiency figures. And as you may already know, better fuel efficiency translates to fewer fuel refills, which in turn leads to more savings.

3.      Switch to Electric Vehicles

If you have the bandwidth to change vehicles, now may be the right time to switch from fossil fuel to electric. Electric vehicles not only help you save plenty on fuel, they’re also easier to maintain and service. With an increasing number of electric vehicle launches in quick succession, you’re spoilt for choice too.

4.      Carpooling

If the route that you take to reach your workplace matches with that of your colleagues, you could also try carpooling to combat the rising fuel prices. Your passengers could all contribute to the cost of fuel equally, which can work towards lessening the burden of petrol rate in India.

5.      Use Co-Branded Credit Cards

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and easy option to deal with fuel prices, then getting a co-branded credit card may be the perfect option. Many oil marketing companies such as Indian Oil, HPCL, and BPCL, have partnered with several banks to issue co-branded credit cards. These cards come with several rewards such as fuel surcharge waivers, accelerated reward points accumulation on fuel spends, cashbacks, and discounts. With so many offers, you won’t have to worry about the petrol rate in India.

And finally, if nothing else works out for you, you could always switch to public transportation. By simply switching to With more cities slated to get metros and other forms of public transport, this may just be the right time to switch.

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