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Duke Bootee is dead – Obituary, writer and producer of “The Message” cause of death


Duke Bootee, writer (all lyrics except those of Melle Mell) and producer of “The Message” – the greatest #hiphop song of all time – has passed away at 69. “It’s like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder How I keep from going under” #RIPDukeBootee

Only just saw that Duke Bootee died. He should get so much more recognition as an OG – rapped on The Message and was one of the first to go beyond yes yes y’allin and get grimy. Brilliant laidback style and voice. RIP

Wish I had the chance to see him get his flowers in a interview… his story needs to be told. Incredible lyrics and songwriting skills! May God rest his soul… May God rest your soul Edward Fletcher aka Duke Bootee

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