julien_hommen Twitter – Julien Hommen Poll, For Or Against Islam? Ball Video Explored


Julien Hommen Ball Video Explored: On 25 January 2022, Julien started a poll for or against Islam in which he said in a video, “If the majority votes for Islam  I swear to tear my ball apart on Saturday night. I refuse to have kids in an Islamic world. Don’t want to impose a shitty life on them. Please vote seriously let’s prove that France does not want Islam!”

julien_hommen Twitter – Julien Hommen Poll, For Or Against Islam? Ball Video Explored

Julien_hommen was shocked about the results as people voted for Islam. People are already aware of the result as they told Julien to post a video of his ball but still Julien was in hope he tweeted, “Stop asking for the video when there are more than 3 hours left before the end of the serious survey, what is this impatience, have you ever seen a ball in your life? As long as the votes are not over, hope is allowed 👋”

Julien was very disappointed after the results of the survey because the votes were FOR ISLAM. But still he thank those 2400 people who supported him.

He promised people to post a video in 15 minutes. Julien posted a video of tearing his ball apart and got 100,000 views in just 2 days.


People reacted to his d**k by watching his video and again Julien tweeted, “So to denounce a social problem I castrated myself live with a mallet (yes, I ejaculate white) and all that some find to say is that I have a small d**k? I didn’t know that 16.5cm erect was small, but what matters is the message, right? 🇫🇷”

People were saying that the video which Julien posted was fake and that wasn’t his ball. Julien pinned a video in which he’s beating his ball with a mallet (a hammer with a large, usually wooden head). In a video, you can clearly see how he’s beating but the ball and d**k seems fake.

We’re providing you the link to WATCH FULL BALL VIDEO BY GO TO THIS LINK. 

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