Leon Ramirez Death: cause of death – Lawyer, businessman and Christian Democrat politician Is dead

We want to extend our heartfelt condolences to Becky, Derek and the entire family of Leon Ramirez. We are sorry to hear about the passing of Leon and you will be included in our prayers.

What came about to Leon Ramirez from Woodward, OK? Keep studying to fetch details surrounding the businessman’s purpose of loss of life and obituary.

Leon Ramirez was a businessman who owned a motorsports corporate that gives services and products similar to sports activities mods, vintage restore, our bodies, and powder coating.

Amid the unhappy news, people who knew have taken Facebook as a platform to pay accolades to the stunning soul who was looked as a mountain man and one of the greatest supporters of the corporate.

Leon Ramirez, a local of Woodward, OK, was a businessman who owned a motorsports corporate named Ramirez Motorsports. On Feb. 15, 2022, his loss of life news was showed by means of a submit made on Facebook.

Roberto León (Santiago, February 11, 1951). Lawyer, businessman and Christian Democrat politician. From 2006 to 2018, the representative of the 36th district of the state of Maule, he served for three consecutive terms. Previously, he served as a representative from District 36 from 1994 to 2002, serving two consecutive terms.

He was born in San Diego on February 11, 1951. Son of Roberto León Alquinta and Silvia Luisa Ramírez Guerra.

He is married to María de la Paz Araya García and the father of four children.

He completed primary and secondary studies at the San Marcos School in Arica and at the Luis Campino Academy in Santiago. In 1971 he entered law school, first at the University of Chile in Valparaíso and then in Santiago. The title of it is November 16, 1981.

Professionally, he became a lawyer and dedicated himself to agricultural activities. He is a shareholder of companies related to video cables in Curicó, a company in the industrial security sector and a partner of the agricultural companies Licanten and Vichuquén.

Politics and Public Works

He entered politics in 1970 as leader of the YMCA in Arica. A year later he became a representative of the Federation of Students of the University of Chile (FECH) in Valparaíso, and in 1972 to the Federation of Law Students of the same university in Santiago.

In politics, he was the leader of the Lee Camden Democratic Alliance for four years. Subsequently, from 1987 to 1989, he served as President of the Community of Christian Democrats as President of the Community. In 1991, 1993 and 1995 he was elected delegate to the National Board of his party for the Province of Curicó.

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