Who is Woodrow Stanley? Untold Story of Woodrow Stanley’s Cause of Sudden Death

Who is Woodrow Stanley? Untold Story of Woodrow Stanley’s Cause of Sudden Death: With a heavy heart, we have to inform you of state representative, chairman of the Genesee County Board of Commissioners’ passing on February 16, 2022. Stay with us to read more about Woodrow Stanley’s cause of death, his personal life, and his career.

Mr. Stanley is considered to be a Democratic Party politician, a former member of the Michigan House of Representatives from District 34. Until he was recalled from office in 2002, Mr. Woodrow was a former mayor of Flint.

‘true public servant’

He was graduated from Mott Community College and after, he attended the University of Michigan-Flint to earn a bachelor’s degree in political science where he has done additional course work towards a Masters of Public Administration.

Mr. Stanley was appointed to the Flint City Council representing the 2nd ward being reelected in 1983, until his election to the office of Mayor of the City of Flint defeating the incumbent Matthew S. Collier.

Being elected to three terms as Mayor, he had defeated future mayor Don Williamson (1995) and City Councilor Scott Kincaid (1999). In 2002, Mr. Woodrow was recalled due to the city’s shaky financial condition.

It’s said that a state-appointed Financial Manager was appointed after he left office. Mr. Stanley was elected to the Genesee County Board of Commissioners, 2nd District back in 2004.

What We Know about Woodrow Stanley’s Cause of Death

Not a lot has been shared to clarify Woodrow Stanley’s cause of death for us. He sadly passed away at age 71. On Wednesday, Feb. 16, members of the Stanley family announced and confirmed his death in an email statement.

“I’m shocked. I’ve lost a dear friend. He was really a great man who persevered … He was a true public servant (who was) drastically under-appreciated.”

County Commissioner Charles Winfrey, D-Flint, who served as a top advisor to Stanley during his time as mayor.

Since the heartbreaking news is out, fans and friends are sharing their condolences through social media.

Michigan Democrats announced: “Our dear friend and true champion for democracy, Woodrow Stanley, has passed away. Our hearts are with his family as they honor his life and legacy. Rest in power Mayor.”

Mike Stobbe expressed: “I’m sorry to learn of the death of former Flint Mayor Woodrow Stanley. I was a health reporter for The Flint Journal in the 1990s, and found him to be a thoughtful interview on topics such as violence as a public health issue.”

A friend od his tweeted: “My dear friend Woodrow Stanley has passed away. Wood was a class act. Let me repeat. Wood was a class act. (I learned how to emphasize a point from Wood, amongst many other things. He’d always stop, say “Let me repeat” then say the previous sentence again.)”

One commented: “This is a picture from year 2001. I was Mayor Woodrow Stanley’s “Student of the Month” award recipient. I received A’s, & was a part of Flint’s NAACP. This year I helped register folx to vote and had my first protest. Thanks, Mayor Stanley for the mentorship! Rest In Peace.”

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