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Abel had a very colorful life. He was born on November 26th in 1904 and died in 1972. He was an American painter, poet and politician. He had many different talents and worked hard to pursue them. He was also a very generous man and helped many people in need. He has many famous works of art that are loved around the world.

Abel’s most famous artwork is his Mexican mural that is painted on the side of the National Palace in Mexico City. The mural depicts the history of the country from the pre-Columbian era to contemporary times. It is composed of more than 2,000 individual paintings and is over 100 meters long. This work is a representation of the rich culture of Mexico and shows how far the country has come since its creation by the Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus. The painting depicts several famous Mexican monuments such as the Cathedral of Mexico City, La Casa de La Inquisicion and La Zona Rosa.

The murals also depict prominent figures such as Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa who are associated with Mexican nationalist movements during this period. Each figure has a unique personality that helps tell this country’s rich history.

Abel was also a political figure; he was Secretary of State for Public Works under Franklin Roosevelt in New Deal programs between 1935 and 1939. During his time in office, he oversaw over $10 billion in federal projects throughout the United States. These projects included building bridges, highways and schools for disadvantaged Americans. He also helped establish the Federal Housing Administration that insured home loans for Americans against default. He was also very passionate about journalism; he worked for The New York Sun newspaper from 1925 to 1932 as a sports writer, city editor, drama critic and lifestyle editor. Abel was very creative when it came to his writing as well; he wrote several collections of poetry that are still loved today. His poems often have references to flowers, animals and places from his life story. Some of his most famous poems include ‘The Sun,’ ‘The City,’ ‘The Rose,’ ‘The Moon’ and ‘Spring.

Another thing Abel is known for is his humanitarian efforts in helping people in need overseas. One example of this is when Castro took power in Cuba; Abel became interested in restoring democracy to Cuba. To do this, he organized an anti-Castro movement with other volunteers from around the world. This movement helped Castro overthrow Batista who was Castro’s ally for many years. Abel gained worldwide recognition for this movement when he met with then-president John F Kennedy during the conference where Kennedy gave his speech about peace with Cuba. It is believed that Kennedy wanted to meet with Abel to discuss this movement since he was so interested in peace negotiations with Castro’s regime.

ennedy even gave Abel one of his own jackets since it was so cold outside their meeting place that day.
Throughout Abel’s life span, he lived an interesting life full of talent, creativity and generosity toward others. His paintings are some of the most well-known pieces of art ever created by an individual artist. He was also a political figure who helped many people overseas with his humanitarian efforts. Although he passed away today, his impact on history will never be forgotten by those who were fortunate enough to live during his time alive on Earth!

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