Abhinay & Pavni Are In Love?

It is not wrong to state that a lot is taking place in the controversial show Bigg Boss Tamil 5. As the show has crossed the halfway mark this week, the level of the competition has automatically arisen. Now, the contestants are looking forward to eliminating their tough competitor from the game and securing their chance to be in the top 5 positions. Besides, Kamal Hassan has also been temporarily replaced by actress Ramya Krishnan because of his health issues. Let’s check the latest details of BBT5 such as voting, elimination, and more.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Abhinay & Pavni

The Baahubali actress is expected to bring more twists and turns into the game which has surely gotten a lot tougher. The existing contestants are taking the game seriously now and are showing their best possible game. Apart from this, the viewers are suspecting a romantic angle between Pavni and Abhinay. However, the contestants also feel that the duo is attracted to each other. During a truth or dare task, Raju asks Abhinay if he loves Pavni. The question shocks the rest of the contestants. Priyanka expresses her anger and slammed Raju for coming up with such kind of question knowing the fact that Abhinay is married and has a child.

However, unseen footage is circulating on the internet that shows that Abhishek, Priyanka, and others are talking about the pair having been romantically attracted to each other. Even, Pavni and had asked Abhinay if he feels something for her as both of their body languages are quite shaky in each other presence. The netizens also feel that there is something cooking up between the pair which shouldn’t tho as not just Abhinay is married but also a father to a girl child. On another side, Abhinay’s wife Aparna posted a family photograph on Instagram.

Aparna took to Instagram where she posted an adorable picture of the family including Abhinay, her, and her daughter. Aparna and her daughter are seen wearing red T-Shirts in which Team Abhinay was written. She also wrote in the picture that at the end of the day she knows what kind of a person Abhinay is and that no one likes him as much as she does. She added “Love u always” in that message as well. Now, the upcoming episodes of Bigg Boss Tamil 5 will show if the pair reveal their feelings to each other or just keep it to themselves. Also, who will get eliminated tonight will get revealed in today’s episode of the show.

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