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Alexandra Morales Missing – Georgia Teacher Found Dead In Mexico, Cause Of Death What Happened To her?


A Georgian-based first-grade teacher named Alexandra Morales working at Benefield Elementary School somewhere in the Atlanta-Area.

According to the reports, the beloved teacher of the school went missing for nearly two weeks. It is being said that she was on leave and went on Holidays in Mexico. She had last seen a concert on 30th October 2021 and after that, she lost contact with everyone. As and when the family found out that her phone was switched off they promptly reported to the Police. As and when the case came to the attention of the Police they started its investigation. Get more information regarding Alexandra Morale.

Alexandra Morales missing teacher died in mexico

As we informed you above that the family of the teacher informed regarding her missing to the police and they started an investigation. After a long-week search, the Police found the teacher dead in her car in Guadalajara located in a city in western Mexico. She found it inside her rental car more than a week later. After her corpse was found the police authority started a further investigation and arrested Alexandra’s boyfriend after alleging severe accusations. The Police took him in the custody.

Alexandra Morales Boyfriend Name

It is being said that Alexandra’s boyfriend identified as Fidel Barragan a 28 years old man seemingly linked with her death. The information regarding Barragan was also provided by her family. Later the authority also informed the family about Alexandra Morales’ was found dead in her car on Tuesday on 9 November 2021 ten days after her disappearance. Alexandra’s father along with his son arrived in Mexico to transfer the mortal remains of her daughter back home. All of her family members are devastated and heartbroken mourning her death. Along with that her boyfriend Fidel Barragan already proceeded for the initial court hearings wherein he alleged regarding disappearance and death.

Alexandra’s uncle Ostin Cuenca negotiated with the media during the latest interview wherein he pleads the authorities to grab all the culprits and provide stern punishment for all of them. Her uncle also disclosed that the family was continuously trying to connect through the phone but her phone was switched off and a long later they filed a complaint regarding her disappearance.

In addition to this the school principal where Alexandra used to teach informed that the teacher took to leave the late last month. She was quite excited for the concert at the Telmex arena in Zapopan informed by her former classmate. We will back with the authentic reports as soon as it confirmed by trusted sources. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more worldwide updates.

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