All About American businessman Scandal

Jerry Jones Scandal Explained: All About American businessman Scandal: The professional American football team “The Dallas Cowboys” are in the headlines of the newspaper again for reasons that have nothing to do with football. As per the latest report, A 25-years-old Washington DC lady has lodged a lawsuit against Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, claiming that he is her father. The woman grew up in North Texas asserting that Jerry Jones is her biological father and that the billionaire owner of the American football team paid her mother well over a quarter of a million dollars to keep it an enigma. Follow More Update On

Jerry Jones Scandal Explained

Jerry Jones Scandal Explained

Nataly Keomoungkhoun of the Dallas Morning News was the first news outlet to report the story Wednesday afternoon, the paper having acquired the lawsuit through online court records. That file has apparently been sealed- after a motion lodged by the legal team of Jones states by news outlet- ahead of a scheduled March 31 hearing on the matter. The name of the accuser is Alexandra Davis (25-years-old) asserts that her mother, Cynthia Davis Spencer, had a relationship with Jones in the mid-1990s when she was serving for American Airlines in Little Rock, Arkansas, and alienated from her spouse.

Alexandra was born in the month of December 1996. Cynthia and her spouse started divorce proceedings briefly subsequently, and genetic testing at that time determined that another man was the father of Alexandra. Cynthia allegedly informed Jones that he was the father of the girl, but Jones, who was aiding to pay for the divorce case of the woman, responded that he was not able to have kids, as per the court documents.

American businessman Jerry Jones Scandal Details

The lawsuit asserts that a deal was struck between Cynthia and Jones: Jones would provide financial support for the mum and child, with the condition that his recognition was never disclosed publicly. A lump-sum payment of  $375,000 was spent to Cynthia, and 2 trusts were set up for Alexandra, to be financed by Jones. Alexandra was to get “certain monthly, annual and special funding” from the trusts until she turned 21 and then further lump sums upon turning 24, 26, and 28.

Alexandra who was a 1 year old at the time of the settlement was banned from her seeking to legally establish paternity. While Cynthia and Jones have allegedly been in contact, the owner and Alexandra have never met personally. Alexandra claims that Jones “abandoned and shunned” her, forcing her to live in mysteriousness for her whole childhood, adolescents, college years at closeby SMU and into adulthood. She is now asking the court to be legally identified as the daughter of Jones and to be released from the confidentiality agreement her mother inscribed.


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