All About Newegg RMA Scandal Details

PC Parts Vendor Newegg RMA Scandal Explained: All About Newegg RMA Scandal Details: The popular online retail company Newegg has discovered itself embroiled in a wider controversy, which could make you think 2 times prior to sending money to the firm. Famous tech outlet Gamers Nexus recently reported an incident with the firm Newegg, which has long been a tack for PC builders. The Gamers Nexus team bought a motherboard from Newegg and later decided to return the product having realized that the product was no longer needed. But then Newegg asserted that Gamers Nexus had damaged the motherboard and then denied offering a refund. After many months of arguing with Newegg, it looks like the firm had tried to get the motherboard repaired themselves, while also rejecting the refund. Follow More Update On

Newegg RMA Scandal Details

PC Parts Vendor Newegg RMA Scandal Explained

Contemplating that Gamers Nexus has never have opened or used the motherboard which they purchased from Newegg, naturally this raised suspicions. After exhausting all the options of customer service, Gamers Nexus went public on his sizeable Youtube channel. As you might expect, this is direct to an instant refund from the firm Newegg, and a return of the motherboard in question, and this is where the fun really starts.

The damage to the motherboard was not compatible with the type of damage that would happen in transit, featuring bent pins. The motherboard also had an RMA sticker on it, which would emerge to indicate that Newegg had tried to repair it after finding their mistake. In the spite of failing to get the motherboard repaired, Newegg emerged to want to keep the money regardless. The entire affair looked to suggest that Newegg has been already deliberately shipping broken products as part of their “open box” reselling program, decreasing both refunds and return of the damaged products to control customers from attaining proof.

Newegg RMA Scandal Details

This kind of stunt would be potentially tough to pull off in the EU, where members said that enjoy very strict consumer protection laws. Newegg, it may emerge, could have discovered some kind of loophole in the United State return and refunds laws, and therefore, tried to exploit it. Though it may also be the consequence of a rare accident, where an item was cleared for sale incorrectly by an overworked technician. The issue is, several users throughout Reddit and the community of Gamers Nexus assert to have experienced similar problems with Newegg, asserting damage to products as a way of rejecting refunds.


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