Allan Myers death and Obituary, what’s happened? Cause of death

Days before Lisa LaFlamme firing, CTV staff mourned ‘shocking’ death of senior director Allan Myers.

‘He was such an amazing person. He was a genius’


As their dairy farms suffered from the effects of the Great Depression, the father and son team of Alan A. Myers and Alan C. Myers in rural Worcester, Pennsylvania sold 6 cows to pay for a new 1939 Year down payment on a Ford dump truck.

ALLAN A. MYERS & SON established
A 5-ton dump truck was purchased to deliver stones, dirt and lime to local farmers. The truck was black, like all of Miles’ trucks, with a number three on the side, although there was no truck number one or two. Allan A. and Allan C. Myers in trucks three and four, respectively

When the United States entered World War II, Alan C. Myers joined the Navy and was assigned to a construction battalion (known as “Sea Bees”) that built airfields and other infrastructure projects in the South Pacific. “If my father hadn’t been in World War II, we wouldn’t be in the construction industry today,” said CEO Ross Myers.

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