Amanda Toro deaTH and obituary – cause of death Whats happened?

Amanda Toro (Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada; November 27, 1996 – ibid., October 10, 2012) was a Canadian student known for a case of cyberbullying that led to suicide. Before her death, she posted a nine-minute YouTube video in which she recounted her experience (extortion, harassment, and personal attacks). The video became a “viral phenomenon” due to her death and even made international headlines3.

The Canadian Mounted Police and the National Forensic Service launched an investigation into the motive for her suicide.

Todd is a high school student at CABE Institute in Coquitlam, specializing in caring for youth with traumatic experiences.

In response to the young woman’s actions, British Columbia Premier Christie issued an online statement mourning the loss and recommending measures to combat cyberbullying, while asking schools to provide information about cyberbullying. bullying. Via.8​9​

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