Amrik love makes Jasmine feel guilty

Udaariyaan, 17th March 2022, Written Episode Update: Amrik love makes Jasmine feel guilty: Today’s episode begins with Fateh as he arrives at Sandhu’s house. He thinks about how to give his gift to Tejo. Just then Angad calls out Tejo. He wishes Tejo on her birthday and gives his gift to her. Fateh sees this and gets sad. He thinks that Angad is always ahead of him. Tejo likes his gift but denies accepting it as it was costly. Angad requests to accept it for their friendship’s sake. Fateh thinks that neither his gift is costly nor he can give it to her. He decides to leave placing the gift outside the house. Tejo says to Angad that she can’t keep it and asks him to understand. Angad agrees. Follow More Update On


Tejo then notices Fateh and goes to him but he goes away. Tejo understands that he saw Angad and her and leaves getting sad. She sees his gift. She picks it up and takes it inside the house. While going inside, Rupi stops her and questions her. Somehow she manages to hide the gift. Sandhus are having sweets and ask Tejo too. She gets sad thinking about Fateh and Angad notices it. At Virk’s house, Gurpreet asks Amirk to eat food. Amrik says that he is worried about Jasmine, whether her family will forgive her or not.

Gurpreet asks he really cares for Jasmine in spite of whatever she has done to him. She asks if he is still afraid of her. He denies it and says that he feels bad for her. Gurpreet is happy for them. Tejo and Jasmine come home and Amrik says that he was worried for Jasmine. Tejo says that the family has forgiven Jasmine. He gets happy and feels proud of Jasmine. Tejo thinks that Amrik really cares for Jasmine while Jasmine thinks about what will happen when Amrik gets to know the truth. Tejo gets ready to leave.

Fateh takes Tejo on his bike. Tejo asks why Fateh left without meeting her and giving her a gift. Fateh is surprised that Tejo knows this. He says that Tejo was busy with Angad. Tejo says that she didn’t accept his gift as she accepts gifts only from his loved ones. Fateh asks if she got her gift from his loved one. Tejo complains that he didn’t give her a gift in her hands. Amrik cares for Jasmine and asks her to sleep peacefully. Fateh and Tejo stop at someplace. Tejo asks him to open his gift. She gets excited to see earrings. They share some good moments with each other. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.


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