Ana Jalandoni and Kit Thompson Scandal Explained

Ana Jalandoni and Kit Thompson Scandal Explained: As you all know, Kit Thompson was in jail and now he was in the custody of the police. She has done very wrong with her wife which he didn’t have to do with her. His girlfriend Ana Jalandoni was rescued after the Tagaytay police received a call from a hotel. A couple faces many problems in their day-to-day lives. We all know that. But only a few will handle it or recover from that problems. But in Ana’s case, it doesn’t happen with her. By looking at her photos, it was estimated that his boyfriend has beaten up very badly. But it was just a rumor. The actual truth was yet to come. Follow More Update On

Ana Jalandoni and Kit Thompson

Ana Jalandoni and Kit Thompson Scandal

The sexy actress reportedly sent photos of herself showing her injuries which she sustained after allegedly getting detained and injured by Kit. These photos were shown in a screenshot of the message exchange between Ana and someone she referred to as Kuya. The staff of the hotel where Kit and Ana were staying alerted the authorities after noticing the commotion in the couple’s room. What Happened Between Ana Jalandoni and Kit Thompson? Assault allegations Twitter Reacts

For the moment, Kit came up to the police station for questioning. While on the other side, Ana is getting some treatments for injuries. In her last Instagram photos, she shared with her fans which you can see that she was getting stitches on her face. It was very brutal. Many say he doesn’t deserve to live on this planet. He has to die. Many give their suggestions according to their own. No one will support him.

Ana Jalandoni and Kit Thompson Scandal Explained

It was believed that Kit was rose to fame following his stint on the reality show Pinoy Big Brother. He has appeared on many shows like Forevermore, Dolce Amore, Born for You, Mea Culpa Sino Ang Maysala, and La Vida Lena. While on the other hand, Ana Jalandoni was known for her films with VIVA Films like Pakboys, Takusa, Paglaki Ko, Gusto Kong Maging Pornstar.

It was December 2021 when Kit go Instagram official with his showbiz newcomer girlfriend. Both Kit and Ana’s camps have still to release an official statement. Kit Thompson’s management Cornerstone Entertainment has released a statement regarding the incident. One Tweeted that Actor Kit Thompson was behind bars after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend who is also in the showbiz industry. He has to die defintiely. He doesn’t deserve it to live. Follow this site to get the latest news.


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