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Angad Maan To Execute His Plan


The 5th January 2022 episode of Udaariyaan is going to be dramatic enough as Angad Maan is decided to get Tejo by hook or by crook, because now it’s his commitment. But he is not understanding that how to execute his plans to trap Tejo. Meanwhile, he recalls the deal which Jasmine offered to him previously, he says that now only she is the one who could help him because both have similar plans, and therefore he decides to make unite with Jasmine to get the Tejo as she has plenty of plans regarding his favor.

Udaariyaan Written Update Episode 5th Jan 2022: Angad Maan To Execute His Plan

Then coincidentally Fateh meets Tejo but this time they look at their faces properly which seems amazing, because both are wanting the same, as they are going through the same situation. As recently, Angad Maan showed his real side to her while hitting which is remaining the subject of great discussion. Because she knows that something is not right with him which he is hiding in such a manner, which could be proven beneficial for her as well in the future. So therefore, she wants to unleash her feelings in front of someone who is trustworthy, and hence, once when remembers Fateh as well.

Udaariyaan Written Update Episode

Later, Tejo thinks that she should go out otherwise her thought will make her bother enough and therefore, she goes out and sees the environment. As the drizzling is going on along with soft wind spread, hence, she remembers her first meeting with Fateh. She says that when she met him the first time the environment was the same, then spontaneously, she looks at Fateh and wonders that maybe it is just an illusion but later, she sees him deeply and figures out that he is really standing right in front of her and she rushes towards him.

On the other side, the entire family of Fateh and Tejo are preparing the “Lohri Fest” so that, they could commemorate it together while forgetting all grudges. But Extempore they get acquainted with the news that Fateh did not marry Jasmine ever, even they did not go to Canada as well. Since they get havoc takes place between them meanwhile, they say that no matter what happens but they will have to find the two as soon as possible. Because maybe something is not right with them, but spontaneously they remember whatever Rupi said and stop as well. Because she has told them that Jasmine is not allowed in their house as she is a prime suspect of ruining Tejo’s life.

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