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Aniece Gonzalez Death – Obituary, Cause Of Death


Aniece Gonzalez Has Died, Cause Of Death –  Aniece Gonzalez has passed away unexpectedly. Jodie Smith announced the passing of Aniece Gonzalez on her Facebook Page. Gonzalez’s cause of death was not made known to the public. Read more on Jodie Smith’s post on Facebook below.

“I want to tell you about a beautiful young woman. I had the privilege to watch her take her first breath alongside her mother. My first grandchild. She made my heart so full, with her golden eyes her golden hair and the way she would say Gaga because she couldn’t say granny yet. Intelligent and wise beyond her years, she graduated high school with honors and a biliteracy award.

No matter the amount of time that passed between the time in which we got to see each other she always greeted me with love warmth and a sincere joy to see me. She enlisted in the Navy and impressed everyone there with her knowledge. She would text me when she was out to sea, she didn’t like the ships very much but she still always had the best spirit and always an I love you Granny to send.

She sent me a picture of a man she fell in love with and a picture of an engagement ring on her finger she sounded genuinely happy. Yesterday morning her mother my daughter overcome by grief called me to inform me that our beautiful shining pride had been murdered . Aniece had made the decision to end her marriage and the man she loved took her life, took her from her mother, father, siblings, grandparents , aunties, uncle’s, friends and all the many who love her.

Aniece was a kindred spirit in life and was a fabulous protective big sister to all her siblings and loved her parents with all her heart, I know that this is the kind of love that she had for the man that killed her, that’s the only way she knew how to love. I never met him and I never will, for he ended his own life as well.
I am outraged by the fact that after this young man had been kicked out of the Navy his application to be on the police force was refused why he was allowed a handgun.

I am painfully aware of everyone’s rights I have no answers but now one of the brightest lights in my world has been taken away senselessly. She had her whole life ahead of her I wanted to hold my great-grandchildren and watch her flourish and watch the pride in her mother and her father’s eyes to continue to grow.

I love you Aniece Gonzalez you will be forever in my heart and I will let the kind giving nature that I saw in you reflect in my own behavior as long as I live for not only do l love you more than I can express, I admire you. I’ll spend every breath I have left missing you. I know in my heart with the type of person Aniece was she would want us all to take care of each other and celebrate her life regardless of it’s span being made short. This young lady was loved deeply and completely by us all.”

Aniece Gonzalez has not been released by her family.

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