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Annabelle Gaston Death – Obituary, Cause of death


A woman in Ohio was convicted of manslaughter a few minutes after she was found dead after performing oral sex with her.

Annabelle Gaston, 28, was arrested last year after calling 911 when her 31-year-old husband Irwin Gaston suffered a cardiac arrest and apparently died of suffocation.

Gaston told the 911 operator that when she realized that her husband’s skin was discolored, she was sitting on her husband’s face and he was giving her cunnilingus.

“We were having sex and he started eating my pussy […] I just sat on his face for about 25 minutes and his legs turned blue-green,” she told the 911 operator in horror at the time. Annabelle Gaston’s lawyer James Caan stated that he hopes to appeal the 10 years and 6 months sentence imposed by the judge for her “reckless behavior”.

According to Gaston’s lawyer, Owen Gaston “likes to insert his head into my client’s vagina” and “my client has repeatedly warned him that this is a dangerous practice,” he told the judge.

Franklin County District Court Judge Henry Miller sentenced Annabelle Gaston to 10 years and 6 months in prison because he believed that Annabelle Gaston’s sexual behavior was “Extremely dangerous behavior” and “completely reckless behavior” for women of her size.

To prove this, the prosecutor produced documents proving that it took at least 12 minutes for the nursing staff to remove Owen Gaston’s head from inside Annabel Gaston’s genitals.

“The estimated time of death was 17 minutes before the 911 call and 59 minutes after Owen Gaston’s head was removed from the defendant’s genitals,” he said in court before the sentence was pronounced.

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