Ansh And Suhani Seek Ranveer’s Help

The latest written update of Sirf Tum starts with Ansh calling Rakesh loudly. Here, Suhani asks Ranveer to leave or else someone might see him. The latter says he will not leave until she tells him the truth. Meanwhile, Rakesh sees Ranveer. He gets angry and scolds Ranveer. He says just because he can not go to college, it does not mean that he will barge into his house daily. Sudha comes and gets afraid of seeing the situation. She requests Ranveer to leave Ansh. Sudha also tells him about the bad health of Rakesh.

Sirf Tum 21st march 2022

Here, Rakes coughs and makes everyone worried. Ranveer, who was holding Ansh’s collar, leaves it. Suhani loses her calm and lashes out at Ranveer for making her father suffer. She says if anything happens to her father, she will never forgive him. Suhani asks him to leave already saying she is happy with her in-laws and asks him not to interfere in her family matters. Ranveer gets upset and leaves silently. In the next scene, Ansh and Suhani reach home. There, Ansh sees a court notice where they were asked to vacate the house before 8 PM.

Later, officials come and warn Ansh to leave the house by the deadline or else they will throw him out. Ansh tells him that they have nowhere to go as it has already got so late. The officials ignore him and start throwing their stuff from the house. Meanwhile, Asha and Vikrant come there. Ansh asks Vikrant how can he mock their relationship like this. Vikrant says that he did wrong by revealing the truth to Ranveer and now he will have to face consequences. Vikrant even threatens Asha to ruin her life if she did anything.

Ansh gets worried and thinks that only Ranveer can help him. He says that he will ask Suhani to call Ranveer and ask him to arrange a shelter for them. Ansh asks Suhani to do the same. Suhani says how can she ask Ranveer for help when she lashed out at him earlier. Ansh says that he can not sleep on the road. He says that Ranveer belongs to the Oberoi family and can help them easily. Ansh calls him himself but he does not answer. Ranveer asks his friends to switch off his phone as it keeps going off. Then, Suhani calls Ranveer and asks him to help her. He invites them for Holi celebrations.

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