Anu Makes Vanraj Shut Up

In the latest episode of Anupamaa, Anu tells Baa that she knows that the latter wants her to marry Anuj if she will stay with him. Vanraj taunts Anu asking if she will marry a poor person. Vanraj’s statement does not go well with Anu as she backfires. She asks Vanraj if he had oil wells when she married him. She says that a relationship is based on trust and care and not money. Anu adds that it is the person who makes a relationship better or worse. Vanraj says that she might be feeling bad for Anuj.

Anupamaa Written Update 21st Feb 2022 Episode: Anu Makes Vanraj Shut Up

Anu tells Vanraj that he does not need to worry about Anuj as he has a lot to give her. She says that Anuj has love, modesty, and honour to give her. Anu asks Kavya if Vanraj ever gave her these things. Kavya goes silent. Anu realizes that she has said a lot. She apologizes to Baa and Bapuji for discussing it in front of them. Baa tells Anu that she will have to answer society questions too if she lived with Anuj without marriage. Anu says that two people marry for themselves and not for society.

Anupamaa Latest Written Update

Anupama asks them why should she care about society. She adds that when she married the right person at the right time, she still faced problems. She says that no one from society came to help her so why should she care now. Anu concludes that marriage is her choice and no one can impose that on her. Bapuji praises Anu. Here, Anu thinks that she had come here to inform Bapuji and Baa about her expressing her feelings to Anuj. She thinks that it is not the right time and that she will inform them later.

In the next scene, Samar takes Anu to the dance academy. Samar tells Anu that Nandini left him and adds that he let her go too. He says that he felt that he should not stop her if she wants to leave. Anu gets worried about Samar and asks him if he is doing fine. Anu says that he should not worry as Nandini must have reasons to leave him. Samar says “many reasons”. Anu praises Samar for not forcing Nandini to stay and let her go as it was the best decision for both of them. Follow our site for more updates on Star Plus serial Anupamaa.

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