Anuj Meets With An Accident

In today’s episode of Anupamaa, Anuj gets restless to meet Anu. He tries to go out of the house but stops in the middle. He thinks about what would be going on in Anu’s mind and what decision she would make. Here, Anu recalls Vanraj’s words and thinks that it is going to be a tough decision. She picks up her phone and was about to call Anuj but stops. Anu decides to call him after her dance performance. On another side, Bapuji thinks to talk to Anu. Baa asks him why does he look tense.

Anupamaa Today's Written Update 23rd March 2022 Episode: Anuj Meets With An Accident

Bapuji warns everyone not to ruin Anu’s happiness as he will not spare them. Here, Anu prepares for her dance and thinks about telling about her decision to Anuj. Anuj quickly attends his meeting and rushes to watch Anu’s performance. In the next scene, Samar, Kinjal, and Bapuji walk to Anu and ask her about her decision. Meanwhile, a crew member interrupts them and takes Anu from there.

Anupamaa Today’s Written Update Episode

Anu gets ready for her performance while recalling Anuj’s encouraging words. Anu feels bad for her behavior the previous night and plans to apologize to Anuj. Anu thinks that Anuj has not wished her good luck and feels that he is upset with her. While Anuj is shown driving his car. GK visits Anu and asks her why she looks so tense. She tells him that Anuj has not talked to her since morning and she is worried about him. GK asks her not to worry telling her Anuj must be busy.

Here, Anuj drives fast to reach the auditorium to see Anu perform. Later, Shah’s family reach the venue. Baa, Vanraj, and Kavya enter the auditorium. Bapuji gets surprised watching them and asks them what are they doing there. Everyone waits for Anu’s performance and hopes for her victory. Here, Anu keeps getting worried about Anuj. Samar calls Anuj and tells him that Anu’s performance will start in one hour. Anuj tells him that he will reach there in some time.

Anuj speeds up his car. Unfortunately, Anuj’s car’s brakes fail to result in his car getting crashed. Here, Anupama who was performing starts wobbling and falls down on the stage. Anu notices red color spilling out and gets tense for Anuj. On another hand, the mob rush towards Anuj’s car to help him. Will Anuj die in the upcoming episode? Watch Anupamaa on Star Plus to know what happens next.

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