Anupama Shows Her Support To Anuj

In the latest episode of Anupamaa, Vanraj feels glad after sitting on Anuj’s chair as CEO. He thinks that finally, he has achieved what he had dreamt of for a long. Here, Anupama recites a Shayari to encourage Anuj to race with her. She says that he can not give up when he is with her. On another side, Bapuji tells Samar that the person who is looking after others while being shattered needs love and support more. Samar sadly says that Vanraj has ruined Mummy’s happiness once again. He adds that because of Vanraj Mummy lost a bit of happiness but Anuj has lost everything.


Bapuji tells him that when Lord Shri Ram was leaving Ayodha, everyone had gotten sad but Ram was not sad because of not becoming the king but because of getting separated from his family. Bapuji says that Anu must be feeling the same emotion as her dreams have gotten shattered on one side while she is also witnessing Anuj breaking on another side. Baa does not understand why everyone is only blaming her son when Anuj and Malvika had differences for a long time.

Toshu agrees with Baa and takes Vanraj’s side. He says that his father has worked hard to achieve this and it is the blessing of God. Here, Kavya feels that Vanraj does not like Malvika and is only with her because of her business and property. Kavya thinks that Vanraj still loves her as he is not attracted to Malvika. She feels that she has to show patience as she will get an opportunity to make her life better. In the next scene, Anuj holds Anu when she accidentally slips.

While saving Anu, Anuj’s slipper fell from his foot. Anu helps him wear the slipper. Anuj recalls the moment when they had first met as at that time, he had helped her wearing her slipper. Anuj tells Anu about it to which she says that a relationship acquires care and love from both sides. Anupama further says that Anuj gave her sky to fly so now she is trying to give him at least a ground to walk as she can do that much for him.

Anu says that she knows in this new journey, he will face many obstacles but she promises that she will make sure that he does not face too many. Anuj says that he has started walking but he has no idea where this way will lead him to. Anu says to “our house”. Anuj thanks her for thinking about him. Follow our site for more updates on Anupamaa.

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