Anupamaa 5th Feb 2022 Episode Written Update: Anuj Makes A Sacrifice

In the latest episode of Anupamaa, the fans will see Anu telling Anuj that she has decided to leave his house. She adds that she will always remain in his heart and that she is not going anywhere from his heart so he should not worry about her. Anu asks Anuj to take care of Malvika as she needs his support right now. Anuj gets shattered. Before Anu could go, he holds her Saree’s Pallu and says that he does not want to lose her and Mukku and adds that he has also decided something.


Anuj tells Anu that he will support Anu come what may and will not think about anyone’s judgement. Anu asks him what is he planning to do. Anuj asks her to wait till tomorrow. Anu thinks about what could he do the next day while others also eagerly wait for the day to set. The next morning, Anuj comes out of his room. Anu stops him and feeds him a spoonful of sweet curd. She says that she does not know what is he going to do today but she wants to wish him all the best.

Anupamaa Today’s Written Update

Anu promises Anuj to always stand by his side as she knows he can not do anything wrong. The couple heads to the office. Here, Vanraj thinks about Mukku calling him and asking him to come to the office early. Vanraj asks Toshu to come along with him. Bapuji stops him and asks him to take control of his anger. Vanraj also reaches the office and asks Malvika what did her brother decide. She tells him that he still has to make a decision. Vanraj instigates Malvika saying her brother can not do anything for her. On another side, Anu gets shocked learning about Anuj’s decision.

Anu scolds Anuj for taking this decision in haste and that he should have at least talked about it. Here, Malvika tells Vanraj that Anuj has transferred everything in her name. The latter gets shocked hearing that. She says that she is feeling too small after seeing her brother’s kindness. Vanraj grins and thinks about sitting in Mukku’s place. Here, Anuj tells Anu that Malvika questioned their relationship so he has to make this decision. He tells Anu that he feels Mukku can efficiently handle all this business. Anu says that he has not done right. Stay tuned for more updates.

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