Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Anti-War Video Trending on Social Media

A video featuring the famous Hollywood actor and bodybuilder named Arnold Schwarzenegger is trending on multiple platforms of Social Media lately. The renowned actor is warning Russia to stop circulating misinformation about the ongoing war of them against Ukraine. The video led to a huge controversy and received different reactions from all over the world. The video has become one of the hot topics of the Internet right now fetching colossal attention. However, a huge number of web consumers are keen to watch the video yet. Get more information on the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s viral video.

Arnold Schwarzenegger anti war video

As we mentioned above, the video sparked a huge controversy on a significant social networking site Twitter. Well, if we talk more about the video, it focuses on the 74 years old actor who approaches Russian president Vladimir Putin directly and says “You Started this, and you can stop it.” Well, some of the citizens of Russia are supporting Arnold as they are opposing this ongoing war and pleading with the president to end this dispute. All those citizens of the country are getting praised globally. Along with them the actor also getting appreciated for his bold initiative.

One of the opposition Political needs Lev Shlosberg took Telegram to appreciate all the Russian people opposing this war. He also praised the actor and stated he is a good orator. He further says that he can talk to anyone with belief and honour in an equivalent manner. In addition to this, the Terminator actor uploaded the video after Russia released a statement wherein the country termed the ongoing war as a special operation throughout which the country is protecting Russian-speaking Ukrainians.

However, in the video Arnold said that the politician was fibbing to people of his country. The primary motive of this invasion is to “denazify” Russia. We will get back to you with more information on the case till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.


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