Arthur Mafokate is dead or still alive? ARTHUR MAFOKATE LANDS IN HOSPITAL

South African Kwaito musician Arthur Mafokate expressed his gratitude to the kind people who supported him during his recent work in the local hospital.

Mafokart posted a photo of himself lying in a hospital bed on his Instagram account, adding that he has been there since Wednesday, November 17.

He also stated that he did not tell his parents that he was admitted because he was afraid to worry them.

Although he did not say the reason for his hospitalization, Mafokate told Daily Sun that it was not due to COVID-19.

Thank you to the humble and dedicated hospital medical team, and to everyone who has blessed me since Wednesday after reading my WhatsApp status. As the message says, I will not answer one by one, but I have read all your information and thank you. For all your support, may the Lord bless you greatly, “he wrote.

“The past week has been terrible, with various complications and terrible symptoms. However, this is not Covid-19, and I was not diagnosed at all,” Arthur said. However, he said, “I’m here, I’m recovering, and I’m home now,” he said. The singer also posted in his post that he didn’t tell them. Tell his parents that he is uncomfortable because he does not want to pressure them. He told SunTeam, “They will panic and it will affect their health in return.”

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