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There is little to write home about the 2021 Los Angeles Angels season. Maybe just one, but it goes two ways: Shohei Othani, Babe Ruth from Japan, who can hit and throw at the highest level. For many baseball writers, the next American League MVP.

Before Othani landed in Los Angeles to fit in with the Angels, at least a dozen MLB teams headed to Japan in search of the Asian gem. The Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, organizations rooted in the world and popular throughout the world, returned with their respective contracts without the long-awaited signings. A vision of the game rooted in the Angels convinced Osani to bring his talent to the team.

Billy Eppler is the general manager you can put a “job done” checkmark on. But like all branches, Eppler is part of a great tree that has allowed him to grow within the industry: Team Leader Arturo Moreno.

Arte, as his family and friends say, became the first Mexican-American to buy a major U.S. sports franchise in 2003. His first move in front of the office was to lower beer prices at Angel Stadium, which it earned him a following among the team’s fans. But what marked the legacy was an avalanche of hiring. Othani is Moreno’s second favorite, and the first is money.

Moreno is one of the 43 richest sports team owners, with combined wealth rising to $380.2 billion last year, a 42 percent increase from 2020.

According to Forbes 400, Arturo Moreno’s fortune is estimated at $3.6 billion. He topped the list published by the famous financial magazine.

Where did the wealth of Arte Moreno come from?

Although he paid Disney $184 million to buy the Angel family in 2003, it has more than doubled since the franchise now costs $2 billion, but Moreno and his family have achieved the American dream.

The Mexican-American’s original fortune came from billboard advertising company Outdoor Systems, which he sold to Infinity Broadcasting in 1999 for $8.7 billion.

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