Atinys trend #gidledisband after (G)I-DLE fans joke about Ateez Jongho’s car accident

The (G)I-DLE vs Ateez fan warfare has been occurring for some time as followers of each fourth-gen teams have been seen clashing with one another on a number of events. It began with the lady group’s in-house producer and chief, Soyeon, being referred to as out by Ateez followers for plagiarizing a preferred music from the boy group. Again in March of 2022, (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon produced a music for the survival present, ‘My Teenage Girl’ the place she was one of many judges on the present. A woman group unit carried out an “original” single, ‘Sun’ which was produced by Soyeon who had claimed the music was one in all her originals.


Followers instantly had identified that Soyeon had clearly copied Ateez’s well-known 2019 single, ‘Wave’. Followers of the boy group began calling out the Soyeon for the incident after which she apologized to followers for inflicting the controversy however didn’t truly apologize to Ateez or credit score their producer Edenery for the plagiarized music. Now, months after that, it looks as if the 2 fandoms are nonetheless not in a position to make amends as Neverlands (followers of (G)I-DLE) had been caught making ableist jokes about Ateez and used Jongho’s 2020 automobile accident as a joke to carry the boy group down.

(G)I-DLE followers troll Ateez Jongho

On Could 30, one Neverland took to Twitter in response to a now-deleted tweet from an Ateez fan. The unique tweet from an Atiny belittled the lady group’s success as they stated, “6 million Spotify monthly listeners but 2.5k venues? what in the bots.” Neverlands defended the lady group by stating that the lady group’s debut was a success. One Atiny made a questionable remark about former (G)I-DLE member Soojin who was kicked out of the lady group on account of her college bullying scandal again in 2021. The Atiny stated, “They debuted with a hit” The one hit they debuted with is Soojin, the individuals hitter.” Quickly after the tweet began choosing up, one (G)I-DLE fan attacked the boy group’s fandom by utilizing Ateez maknae Jongho’s 2020 automobile accident as a joke.

The (G)I-DLE fan stated, “Ateez’ only hit being Jongho’s car accident get real.” Again in February of 2020, the Ateez vocalist and maknae was injured in a automobile accident and had injured his leg on the time. Ateez followers are calling out followers of the lady group who’re making ableist feedback concerning the accident and are utilizing an accident to be the butt of their hate feedback in opposition to the fandom. Not solely that however Ateez followers are claiming that Neverlands have been joking about Ateez Mingi’s anxiousness and psychological well being points. It was additionally claimed that Neverlands wished demise upon Ateez members on a number of events together with when the members had been identified with Covid-19.


‘They started this so, #gidledisband’

As each fandoms conflict and (G)I-DLE followers appear to have taken it manner too far with feedback about psychological well being points and utilizing movies of wheelchair-bound individuals to tug Atinys. Many Neverlands are asking the OP (Unique Poster) to delete their tweet as it’s calling out extra unfavourable consideration to the lady group. One Atiny stated, “Some people dont know the context of the #gidledisband tag, as y’all said the grp didnt do anything. so did ateez. what’d they do to get ableist comments, to make fun of the car accident, dth threats and shit, and when we trend a hashtag we cross the line?” One Ateez fan stated, “It’s quite frankly funny how people from that fandom will claim to not have done what we are saying that they’ve done, but at the same time they’ll clearly take offense to our posts. so does the shoe fit or not?”


One Atiny referred to as out a Neverland saying, “Trending #gidledisband is toxic but kekeing over someone getting a car accident and making ableist comments isn’t?” Yet one more Atiny added, “They’re already deleting tweets / clearing searches and trying to play the victims but don’t forget that they started this “fw” not as soon as however twice then went on to say terrible stuff like this. don’t act stunned after we defend our faves after y’all did all this.” One Atiny stated, “That’s what you get when you speak on ateez, mock their mental health, being ableist and wish death upon them. #gidledisband is the least hurtful thing atinys could do. but it’s very much deserved. I smiled. y’all better keep ateez out of your mouth next time.” One fan stated, “​​Neverlands giggling about car accidents. I personally don’t care about what atinys do with this tag.”

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