Bapuji Cries Recalling Baa’s Curse

The newest episode of Anupamaa begins with Vanraj having a gathering towards Anu together with his crew. Kavya will get irritated as she questions why Anu’s wedding ceremony will happen within the Shah residence. She additional says that she has no difficulty with Anu getting married or Bapuji performing her Kanyadan however she doesn’t perceive why she should marry right here. Kavya asks Vanraj if he would prepare the marriage ceremony of his ex-wife and can comply with Anuj addressing him as Jijaji. Vanraj loses his cool and asks Kavya to cease.


Vanraj says that Anu simply desires to harass them as she remained silent when Bapuji talked about her Kanyadan. Baa says that Anu is doing this to make them jealous. She provides that she doesn’t know if Anu will get Bapuji’s blessings or not however one factor is evident, her curse will certainly hit her. In the meantime, Mamaji enters. He says that he’ll curse Baa for cursing Anu. Vanraj makes an attempt to intervene however Mamji asks him to not. He says that he desires to make Baa really feel how does it wish to get cursed. Right here, Anu cries recalling Baa’s curse.

Bapuji asks Anu to not cry. Anu asks Bapuji how can a mom curse her daughter. Bapuji replies saying it was not her mom who cursed her however Vanraj’s mom so she mustn’t fear because it won’t have an effect on her life. Samar prays to Kanhaji to guard Anu and her happiness. Right here, Kinjal wards evil eyes off Anu and says that blessings are extra highly effective than curses. Bapuji says that he’ll inform concerning the marriage to Anuj. He jokes that he’s scared that Anuj will barge in with Baraat tomorrow solely. Bapuji asks Anu to relaxation and tells her that her Doli will go away this home solely.

Within the subsequent scene, Bapuji cries. Mamaji comes and asks him about it. He tells him about feeling unhealthy as a result of a mom cursed her daughter right this moment. He expressed his ache as he talks about individuals being dual-faced. Right here, Anu decides to not forgive Baa for cursing her and thinks that she’s going to request Bapuji to rearrange her wedding ceremony ceremony at another place. Anu thinks that it doesn’t matter what occurs, she’s going to absolutely marry Anuj. Anu hopes that Anuj returns quickly. Watch Anupamaa on Star Plus and Disney+Hotstar and hold following our website for extra written updates of the serial.

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