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Barrister Babu Latest Episode 10th November 2021 Written Update: Bondita Leaves Batuk Unconscious


The 10th November 2021 episode of Barrister Babu commences where Batuk locks Bondita inside the room by saying that unless he is here he will not let her go outside at all, because it is a matter of his brother’s child and therefore he is not ready to take even a single chance with their health. But Bondita says that no matter what happens she will go out and find her husband because she knows he is alive. At the same time, when Bihari tries to meet Bindita Batuk stops him too as well, saying that no one has a right to meet her.

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Meanwhile, Trilochan takes place and meets Bondita as well and asks everything is alright or she needs something, Bondita assures him that everything is fine and there is no need to winder more. Meantime, she is thinking that she will have to do something otherwise circumstances will never change for her. Because Batuk has said that unless she gives birth to Anirudh’s child she can not go outside at any cost, no matter what happens. Therefore, plenty of things are going on in her mind because by hook or by crook she will have to get escaped from their eyes.

At the same time, Bondita thinks that only Bihari Babu can help her as he is doing from the very beginning, and she can trust him as well that he will never make someone acquainted with her plan. Hence, she writes a letter to him in which she demands some intoxicated things that can become the cause of someone’s fainting. As soon as Bihari gets a letter he arranges everything, which is demanded by Bondita, and delivers to her as well, by mentioning that he has brought these items on her order, but now she will have to use it in a too sagacious way.

Later, Bondota makes Batuk intoxicated because of which he fainted on the spot but as soon as she tries to run Sampurna catches her, and asks what she is doing. Meanwhile, Bondota reveals the entire truth in front of her and she gets shocked to hear their exploits. Hence, Sampurna decides to help her but Trilochan hears everything and comes to them and says that he will never let her go anywhere else. Bondita makes him understand that she is going to give birth to Anirudh’s child so she will never go anywhere else, but due to an urgency, she will have to go.

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