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Bigg Boss 15 Ticket To Finale Episode Written Update 27th Dec 2021 BB15 Nominations


Hello, all the entertainment lovers, your favorite quite amazing and controversial Tv reality show Bigg Boss 15 is ready to make you surprised through the coming broadcasting. As the 27th December 2021 episode if bringing the nominations special task where all housemates will be called by the Bigg Boss in the sitting area and one by one will be questioned by the Bigg Boss regarding the name to whom they want to see in the nominations list. So you can imagine how would the episode be incredible as many verbal spats are ready to make their appearance among them as well.

Bigg Boss 15 Ticket To Finale Episode Written Update 27th Dec 2021 BB15 Nominations

The coming episode begins where the entire housemates will be called by the Bigg Boss and asks them to choose a name to whom they want to send out from the race of Grand Finale. Because only Two Weeks are left and the audience will get the winner of Bigg Boss 15, so they will need to make a decision that who does not deserve to be part of the grand finale. The task begins with Umar as he takes the name of Devoleena by giving a reason that she always put a gun on someone’s shoulder and that contestant is Rakhi this time.

Bigg Boss 15 Today’s Episode Highlights

  • Two Weeks Left in the Finale as Bigg Boss announced
  • Rashmi Desai and Tejasswi Get into an argument
  • Pratik raises questions about Rakhi’s decision.

Later, Tejasswi and Rashmi Desai get into an ugly spat when Tejasswi takes her name by saying that she does not deserve to come in the final race. Meanwhile, Rashmi replies that she can not deserve better from her, at the same time, Rashmi passes a remark that she knows about Tejasswi that she is not loyal to her partner so there is a point to expect something from her, in the favor of her, but TYejasswi says that she does not have right to speak up on her relationship.

After a while, the task takes place in the garden area where Pratik breaks the mannequin which is placed in the garden area and says that he is going to break Umar’s name because he does not want to see him in the finale. Meanwhile, Umar comes and asks Rakhi that could he play after this, Rakhi agrees which makes Pratik worried, and hence, he addressed her unfairly. But deep down everyone knows that her decision will last, so now it will be amazing to watch that what will happen now.

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