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Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Nomination 14th December 2021 Episode Race To Finale Task Updates


The reality television show Bigg Boss Tamil 5 is winning everyone’s hearts. From the shocking eliminations to the heated arguments among the contestants, the show has always delivered entertainment to its fans. Now, after entertaining the viewers for months, the show is finally heading to its decisive phase. In some weeks, the contestants will reach the final and the show will ultimately get its winner. In the upcoming episodes of the show, Race to Finale will take place where the participants will put their best to secure their places. Let’s check what will happen tonight.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5

In the recent episode, the housemates have been asked to nominate any contestant of their choice for this week’s eviction. Every participant had to write the names of those contestants who they feel don’t deserve to be in the house and they want them to get eliminated from the house. Further, they had to drop those chits in a pot. In the task, Abhinay picked Amir’s name and wrote it on the paper.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Nomiation

Earlier, Amir had disclosed to Pavani that he feels that Abhinay doesn’t like his presence. However, by the end of the episode, BB had announced that everyone has gotten nominated this week. Now, in the upcoming episode, the viewers will see the contestants getting various tasks to perform which will help them in getting saved from getting eliminated. With this, “Race to Finale” will also begin. BB gave the housemates a task where they had to rank themselves for the finale race.

The ranks were from 1-11 and after ranking themselves based on the numbers, the contestants had to stand on the podium. Ciby was quick to announce that he deserve to stand in the first place as he likes to be number one only on which Niroop showed his disagreement and said that he has not shown impressive gameplay to stand in the first place. On another side, Priyanka ranked herself in number two and stood on the podium afterwards. Despite Niroop’s disagreement, Ciby continued to stand on the first spot on the podium towards the end of the task.

Besides, Priyanka took the 2nd spot, Raju and Abhinay stood on the 3rd and 4th spot while Paavni, Thamarai, and Amir grabbed the 5th, 6th, and 7th place respectively. Sanjay, Akshara, and Varun got 8th, 9th, and 10th position whereas, Niroop had to stand last on the podium after getting 11th number. It will be interesting to see who will survive the Bigg Boss Tamil 5 race to finale.

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