Bigg Boss Ultimate 27th February 2022 Episode No Eviction This Week!

The popular Tamil OTT reality show, Bigg Boss Ultimate, has successfully completed four weeks. Despite being the first-ever edition of the show that premiered on the digital platform, the show managed to attract a plenty number of viewers. Since the first day, the reality show has become one of the trending shows in the Tamil industry right now. Now, the show has reached its fourth weekend which will see one contestant getting eliminated from the BB house. Let us find out all the details about today’s episode and the anticipated eviction.

Bigg Boss Ultimate

The contestants who are nominated for this week’s elimination include Shariq, Abhinay, Vanitha, Suresh, and Suja. It was expected that one among these nominated participants will be leaving the show. Well, let us tell you that no elimination will take place this week. Yes, you read that right. As per the sources, it is reported that no contestant will exit the house and will be seen continuing the game. Earlier, Vanitha Vijaykumar has walked out of the show in the midway citing mental health concerns. Looks like her sudden exit has become the cause for no eviction in the OTT show.

Bigg Boss Ultimate 27-2-2022

Believing the reports surfacing online, the new host of the show Silambarasan TR will declare the same when Vanitha will appear in the weekend episode next to him. The host will ask the female contestant to bid proper goodbyes to the housemates as it could not happen the moment she had left the house. Well, it is not the only shocking thing that will happen in the show tonight as it is also coming forward that one contestant will re-enter the show. Reports claim that Suresh Chakravarthy who had gotten evicted in the first week only will re-enter the show.

Apart from Suresh Chakravarthy, another contestant who is likely to enter the show as a wild-card contestant is actor KPY Mahesh. Let us add that Bigg Boss Ultimate only features the former contestants of the show so the entry of Mahesh comes as a surprise. It seems like the makers are trying to spice up the show a bit. The promos that are uploaded by the makers also show that they are making sure not to give more content so that the viewers take more interest in the show instead. So much is about to happen in the reality show in today’s episode. Follow our site for more updates!

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