Bigg Boss Ultimate Elimination 6th February 2022 Episode Abhinay Or Suresh Who Will Get Evicted?

The much-celebrated OTT reality show, Bigg Boss Ultimate, has remained in the trending topic ever since it was premiered on Disney+Hotstar. As the show features popular contestants who have appeared in the previous seasons, the show has managed to garner a lot of attention from the viewers. Considering it is the first attempt to launch the reality show digitally, it has gained a positive response as well. Being launched on January 30 this year, the show has reached the weekend episode which will see a contestant getting eliminated. Let us find out who will that participant be.

Bigg Boss Ultimate

Eight contestants are nominated for this week elimination including Snehan, Juliana, Suresh, Vanitha, Abhinay, Niroop, Anitha, and Suruthi. Out of these participants, one contestant’s journey will end here. The voting lines have been closed and all the votes have been locked. The contestants who are standing in the danger zone are Vanitha, Abhinay, and Suresh. Earlier, it was speculated that Abhinay will get evicted as he has secured the least number of votes. Various sources have even confirmed this speculation but it is coming forward now that Suresh is expected to leave the show tonight.

Bigg Boss Ultimate 6-2-2022 Ep

Yes, as per reports, Suresh has gotten the least support from the audience which means that he might get evicted in the latest episode. However, it is still not confirmed if he will end up becoming the participant leaving the BB house. Let us also add that whoever will exit the house will become the first contestant to be eliminated as till no one has left the house out of the 14 contestants. So it will be really interesting to see the show’s host announcing the elimination results in today’s episode and declaring the other housemates who are nominated safe.

Besides, it is also coming forward that Bigg Boss Ultimate will also introduce a new contestant who will join the existing contestants. Yes, we are talking about the wild card contestants. Sources claim that Oviya might join the show and spice it up a bit. It is yet to be announced by the makers if she will become a part of the digital show or not. On another side, the families of the nominated contestants are also showing support on social media. Snehan’s wife took to Instagram to share an emotional post about the former while others are also hoping for the best. Let’s see who gets evicted tonight between Suresh and Abhinay.

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