Boruto Chapter 67 Released Time & Detailed Spoilers Leaked Online

The detailed spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations chapter 67 have now been shared, but what date and time will it release?

Whilst every manga fan looks forward to each and every Sunday with the release of the latest weekly chapter, the Boruto community is forced to wait a whole month for the latest content.


However, that extra time in the oven allows Boruto to reach new heights every month too, whether that be in terms of hype and global excitement, or the quality of the story and artwork.

The detailed spoilers for Boruto chapter 67 have now been shared online, but what date and time will it release worldwide?

Spoiler warning: This chapter will contain potential spoilers for chapter 67 of Boruto from the raw scans.

Boruto chapter 67: Release date and time

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations chapter 67 is scheduled to release worldwide on Sunday, February 20th, as confirmed by Viz Media’s official series page.

The latest chapter will launch in English from the following international times, as shared by Manga Plus:

  • Pacific Time: 7 AM PST
  • Eastern Time: 10 AM EST
  • British Time: 3 PM GMT
  • European Time: 4 PM CEST
  • India Time: 8.30 PM IST
  • Philippine Time: 11 PM PHT
  • Australia Time: 1.30 AM ACDT (Feb 21)

Chapter 67 of Boruto will be available for free on both Viz Media and Manga Plus.

Preview WSJ caption shared

The Weekly Shonen Jump magazine continues to do a fantastic job of not only promoting individual series, but hyping-up the global excitement for upcoming chapters.

On February 13th, popular Twitter page ‘Abdul_S17’ shared the preview text blurb for Boruto chapter 67 that was published in last week’s WSJ issue:

“Boruto and Kawaki, whose fate have been turned upside down by Karma!! The fierce battle over Karma has reached a new stage. What lies ahead…?!” – Preview caption, via Abdul_S17 Twitter.

Detailed Boruto chapter 67 spoilers leak online

The first spoilers for Boruto chapter 67 have now been shared online by the popular Twitter page ‘OrganicDinosaur’. According to the post, Boruto chapter 67 will be titled “Rift” and will feature Ada on the colour cover.

The chapter opens with Naruto rushing over to Boruto, who remains unconscious and severely injured after the battle in the last chapter with Kawaki. Code and Kawaki argue back and forth, with Code slashing the ground in frustration with his Claw Marks as he kicks Shikamaru away from himself.

Code tries to escape through his Claw Marks, but Kawaki notices this and stares as they start to shrink…they shrink to the point where Code cannot transport through them, which surprises him. Kawaki then walks towards Code with a powerful attack, first from the black rods that previously impaled Boruto, the second from a strong kick to the chest.

Shikamaru is now trying to get Naruto to snap out of it, as he continues to ask “Why is this happening?” as he cradles the injured Boruto. Shikamaru then starts yelling at Naruto that the battle is not yet over and that they can’t let Code get away after everything that has happened. Kawaki lands an attack on Code’s shoulder and the two are now within punching distance, with Kawaki powering up a special attack from his left palm.

Code is able to dodge and starts to dig into the Claw Marks on his face…a huge explosion erupts from the two. However, when the smoke clears, Kawaki is seen face down, unconscious with his limbs akimbo not making a sound.

We then see that Daemon has been pulled out from the Claw Marks on Code’s head, but only to his thigh – his legs can be seen coming through the Claw Marks on Ada’s sleeve, which shocks her.

Code tells Daemon that the battle is over and that they will talk about it later as he tries to push Daemon back inside the Claw Marks. However, Ada grabs hold of his legs from her sleeve and says that she “absolutely won’t let you [Code] get away with it” if he has seriously hurt Kawaki.

Code uses Claw Marks again to put his hand next to Kawaki’s face, checking for a pulse and telling Ada “Don’t worry, your Prince is alive.” The pair (Code and Daemon) then retreat through the Claw Marks and make their escape.

Shikamaru is now screaming at Naruto that they have to now deal with Kawaki, whether it be through punishment or worse. Naruto is arguing back when Boruto’s hand starts to move. Boruto sits up slowly with a black karma mark over the now-closing hole in his chest as Naruto starts crying.

Suddenly, Momoshiki appears in front of Boruto, explaining that he used the remaining 18% of components that were supposed to be for his own body (reincarnation) to heal and revive Boruto.

The two argue back and forth, with Momoshiki warning that the next time he dies will be the last and that he is now a “ripe living sacrifice for the Jyuubi.”

The scene then switches to Ada, who is talking to Code around a table. Ada asks how they can get close to the village since there aren’t any Claw Marks inside…The scene then switches to focus on Shikamaru’s back as Code narrates over, “It won’t be a problem, I’ve already made some preparations.”

As always, leaked spoilers from the chapter raw scans may not be completely accurate to the published source material on February 20th, so take these with a pinch of salt. You can read a more in-depth breakdown of the chapter starting here.

New anime episode drops online

Not only are Boruto fans getting the new manga chapter today, Sunday February 20th, but also a new episode from the anime adaptation.

Episode 237 was titled “The Mobile Fortress” and premiered worldwide on Crunchyroll and Hulu only a matter of minutes ago at 9 AM GMT.

“The Mobile Fortress is approaching Dotou Island! Boruto is on his way to destroy the mobile fortress which is equipped with heavy weapons. Boruto clashes with Tenma Funato, who’s standing in his way…!” – – Preview caption, via Abdul_S17 Twitter.

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