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Brian Laundrie Dead Or Still Alive? Gabby Petito Boyfriend Spotted Alive Where Is He?


Gabby Petito’s murder mystery is still fetching the attention of the people. The mystery of horrific murder is still continuing. As the prime suspect of the case, Gabby Petito’s former fiance who was declared dead on 21 October 2021 spotted alive somewhere. Well, as per the reports, he was declared dead by the police authority and recovered his mortal remains at Florida nature reserve. The remains were confirmed after examining the dental records claimed that it was the mortal remain of Brian Laurie. Get more information about Brian Laundrie dead or alive.

Brian Laundrie Dead Or Still Alive? Gabby Petito Boyfriend Spotted Alive Where Is He?

The 20 years old Gabby was reported missing on 11 September and after a brief and rapid investigation the remains of the girl were found at Wyoming National Park on 19th September and later the authority send the corpse for the investigation and on 21 September reports claimed that it was Gebby Petito’s remains. The Police initially says that her death was ruled by a homicide. The Police then began the investigation for her former fiance Laundrie who was supposed her killer, but later he was also found dead as we informed you earlier.

Brian Laundrie Dead Or Still Alive?

The police authority then come with a statement wherein they announced that both Petito and Laundrie were declared dead. However, even after that some of the people claimed that they have spotted Brain Laundrie alive. There is a number of people who spotted him alive. Now, again another Twitter consumer @emmalee_13 named Emily Newman, who posted a spiting similar image of Brian Laundrie on Twitter. This Tweet is fetching the attention of the people all over Florida. The photo also received numerous comments. A man looking extremely similar to the fiance of Gabby spotted on the road in traffic seems like crossing the road.

Another person commented on the image using crying and laughing, while another person wrote that he spotted him as well but he isn’t him and asked to focus his jaws and ears. This is not the first time when someone spotted Brian alive, numerous people have claimed to see him alive strolling randomly and believing that he is still alive.

Earlier a CCTV footage featuring a person looking quite similar to Gabir went viral all over the Internet raised the curiosity of the audience. Now, such happened again raising a theory that it was all planned by him and now he is escaping from Police. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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