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#BrianLaundrie found dead leaked: Coroner arrives at Florida park after fugitive’s items found


Steven Bertolino, who represents the Laundrie family, confirmed to Fox News Digital that the Laundrie company informed law enforcement last night that they planned to search the park and met with officials there.

Bertolino confirmed that when searching an area frequented by Brian, “found some articles belonging to Brian.”

At least five bodies were found during the large-scale search of the fugitive Brian Laundrie, who was the only person interested in the murder of Gabby Petito. According to The Sun, although the 23-year-old man remained in the forest after leaving his family’s home in Florida for more than a month, other bodies were found in the area the authorities had been looking for.

“How many corpses are just lying casually?!” According to reports, someone was amazed in the Reddit post. “Since the search for BL, what are there, 5 BODIES?” One of the corpses was found in the Yadkin Valley Lookout in North Carolina, when rumors that the laundry was hidden there — sparking rumors that it might be him. But the FBI confirmed that it was not him, saying that “there is no evidence” that this is related to his case.

The man was later named 33-year-old Josue Calderon by investigators, who said he was stabbed to death. At the same time, Wyoming authorities expressed interest in the case that led to the dead body of 46-year-old Texas, the missing father Robert Lowry. On September 17, people found Lowy’s body near the place where Laundrie’s girlfriend and Long Island native Gabby Petito was found dead.

Lowery was convicted of suicide. The Sun pointed out that other cases were found in areas where the couple had traveled on off-road camping trips before Petito died in Wyoming. The most recent time was when 55-year-old Sara Bayard was spotted on a highway in El Paso County, Colorado. Petito and Laundrie shared Instagram photos of their travels in the area.

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