Brie Nightwood leaked onlyf on reddit and twitter – photos and videos

Brie Nightwood is becoming a top account on OnlyF. She started helping her dad run an eBay account when she was five years old, and by the age of 12, she was designing and selling her own software. Nightwood is now 22 years old and also has a degree in neuropsychology, and uses both her computing knowledge and her education to succeed at OnlyF.


Not even in her teens, Nightwood had already started several business ventures. Her first was a bot that logged keystrokes on her Apple computer, along with another that performed automated tasks. She built the coding language on which the bots operated (AppleScript) but later learned other languages, such as CSS, HTML, and Javascript.

At 12 years old, she was like a mini version of Steve Jobs, launching her first entrepreneurial effort. Nightwood tells me that she thought she could sell the two bots together as a security package for computers. Nightwood demonstrated the product in YouTube videos from 12 to 17 years old, driving traffic to his company’s site and eBay page.

He sold the bundle for $50, and thinks he sold around 200 total. The income was not enough to live on alone, but as a kid making 10K is a lot! Nightwood learned how to use computers at school. She was so intrigued by the idea of computers, she convinced her parents to let her log into the family computer when she was in preschool or kindergarten. She remembers movies depicting hackers as cool, intelligent kids, which made her even more interested in coding.

Her teachers started using coding games in the classroom around that time, and she instantly took a liking to it. Nightwood is now making money online again with her success on OnlyFans, this time as she is older than 22. OnlyF is a social media platform that she uses to be friendly and attractive, as well as know how to use technology. While her background in computing may not seem like a clear change, her success on the platform shows that it was a good decision.

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