Building talented children in The High Performance Chess Academy

Building talented children in The High Performance Chess Academy: Chess has many definitions, it is a sport-science-game, and it is important to know that it is an ingenious activity that symbolizes the war between two armies, and has become very popular. It is played between two opponents, and we can say that luck does not intervene at all, but the intellectual speed of the competitors.

Chess is over a thousand years old, although the jury is still out on when and which of our ancestors started playing chess. It is said that the first person to play it was to represent a battle and in this way he designed the strategy to be implemented in the realm of a real war.

To learn more about the game, a square chessboard and pieces very similar to chess as we know it today, although in smaller numbers, were found in the tomb of Tutankhamun in Egypt, along with many items that accompanied the mummy. They are currently on display in a museum in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

Alberto Chueca the coach who will help you improve your tactics and strategies, and the best thing is that he teaches you from scratch how to play and get started in the world of war in the beautiful game of chess.

Chess coach Alberto on his website has revolutionized the world of strategy and learning from him, making it easier for the youngest with entertaining videos that can be seen daily to improve in each game.

Reading chess books, being without a chess coach, playing quick games or watching videos for free will not guide you to progress in chess. In other words, your chess training is missing something and that magic touch is Alberto Chueca. Week after week you will be able to practice and advance in tactics and the best thing is that you will continue having fun with the game.

Best chess coaches in the world

Others may have accumulated titles or created special titles, but according to the Russian Federation, the best chess coach in the world was Mark Dvoretsky, who passed away suddenly on December 26, 2016 at the age of 68. Born in 1947, he won the Moscow championship in 1973 and finished fifth in the 1970 Soviet Championship, but his fame came from a trainer. He was the “spy” who revealed to the world the secrets of the Soviet chess school. His written work has also helped improve generations of players, amateurs and professionals. His untimely death caused irreparable damage. Perhaps only Laszlo Polgar, father of Susan, Sofia and Judit, can challenge him for the title of best coach.

Mark Izrailovich Dvoretsky studied mathematics and economics at Moscow State University, but has specialized in chess since the 1970s. He became an International Master (IM) in 1974. Lucky for us, he repositioned his career before becoming a major master, although his individual achievements on the chessboard demonstrated his undeniable strength. In 1975, he was among the top 20 in the world.

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