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Canada’s Drag Race 2 Finale Winner Name Find Out Who Won The Title: Recap


Hello, all the entertainment lovers, another episode of Canada’s Drag Race Season 2 is enticing the audience. The latest reunion episode of the show seems that someone is all on its way to home. It has been assumed that the evicted queens have to get vote one of the final four out. All the viewers of the show praised the episode for the pristine set-up for the competitive reunion. Along with that the disastrous jury twist is going to spice up the things. Another thing that has been noticed is that the reunions was a task in reality being supervised by the judges backstage.

Canada’s Drag Race 2 finale

One of the unexpected event was when the a Lip Sync for the showdown to acquire the complete second half of the episode. It also being noticed that Canda’s Drag Race has implemented the concept of American Drag Race in the Finale tournament. Well, according to the task the contestants have to perform a reverse Lip Sync for the crown, if any of the contestants manage to win the one of the two rounds it will gets advanced for another round, however, the losers of the round will complete the task in the final leg.

As we mentioned above that the disastrous jury twist will enhance the engagement of the show. All the three finalist including Icesis Couture, Kendall Gender, and Pythia arrived in competition in snatching the crown and become the winner of Canada’s Next Drag winner. A week earlier, the show organized a reunion episode wherein all the contestants gathered on the stage to meet the top four contestants. The best part of the chapter is that the reunion ended on a happy note with Suki Doll crwned for the season’s Miss Congeniality.

In the final part of the Finale Tournament all the finalist squared off against each other in a never-before-seen lip sync and by the end of the task three contestants will proceed to the next round. Firstly, Kindal Gender outranked Gia Metric, later Icesis Couture surpassed Pythia. In the ending task Gia lost to Pythia in the final lip sync and made it up to the Finale with two other competitors. As of now, Icesis, Kendal, and Pythia become the finalist of Canada drag race. In the finale lip sync task Icesis Couture defeats Kendall Gender and Pythia and lift the trophy of Canada’s Drag Race. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and latest entertainment updates.

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