Cause Of Death: Kee Riches dead, young legend Recording artist

Cant believe this shit. RIP to a young legend @KeeRiches. Bro always put his community before himself and was actively making a difference. He inspired me to be better in my own community and I know he did that for a lot of other people too. He had so much more to offer the world

Kee Riches is a California rapper who recently released a project called Easy Money 2. The artist shares the content and inspiration behind his project. “Easy Money is a collaboration between me and Slauson producer Walt Mansa,” says Kee Riches. “The first tape inspired #2, and the series was inspired by our work ethic as artists and producers. When we linked, it always said ‘Easy Money’.”

Before music, Kee Riches said, he only knew movement and hustle. “Music saved me, and I like to think that because it gave me a lot of meaning when I was younger.” The rapper credits music for helping him grow into the artist he is today. In his own words, Kee Riches describes Easy Money 2 as his “current life, [his] struggles, [his] success, where [he] came from and [where he’s] going”. He went on to say, “One has to listen to understand.”

For fans, 2022 will bring some music and videos, so stay tuned! You can follow Kee Riches on IG and Twitter,

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