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Chance The Rapper Leaked Facebook Live Story Scandal Video Twitter Reddit


Chance the Rapper is in the headlines ever since his video went viral on Facebook. Yes, the rapper has occupied the trends and has become the subject of discussion among netizens on social media. Well, you must be wondering why the American rapper is trending and what’s the matter all about. Let us inform you that the rapper took to Facebook and accidentally exposed himself in front of his million fans. Chance the rapper happened to post something so intimate that has shaken the internet nowadays. Check the article below to get more detail.

Chance the Rapper Facebook video

On Wednesday, December 8, 2021, Chance the Rapper, unfortunately, had a minor slip up. The 28-year-old singer posted a video where he is seen near the bathroom commode. He revealed his lower body in the viral video on his Facebook page. It seems like that it was truly unintentional as the rapper took down the video in a few minutes. Chance the rapper had no idea that he had gone live on his FB page and while showing his fans a bug in the bathroom, he accidentally displayed his lower body.

Now, the video has gone insanely viral on social media. Despite the songwriter removing the video from his page, netizens are talking about it openly. Some sections of people have even saved the video and thus the people who have not seen it yet are able to watch as it is being circulated which is quite inappropriate. Besides, the incident has also led to countless memes on the internet.

One Twitter user wrote that why no one is talking about the rapper posting himself peeing 4 hours ago. Another user wrote that this looks like the rapper is about to release some albums as the said controversy will help him to gain attention from the netizens. While one said that no one can just accidentally share such a thing when they are a public figure. Just like that, numerous people are talking about the rapper accidentally exposing himself on FB.

However, Chance the Rapper has not responded to the ongoing matter. He has been posting things on Instagram and has been active on his IG story as he has commented on Kanye, now Ye, West and Drake’s upcoming concert. Talking about the duo’s collaboration, the rapper wrote that it looks like he will be crying tonight. Speaking of the rapper himself, he had collaborated with Dionne Warwick, the soul music icon, last month and had released a song “Nothing’s Impossible”.

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