Check CCTV Viral Footage Clip Of Alberton South Africa Store Employee ‘Snatching’ Baby

 Check CCTV Viral Footage Clip Of Alberton South Africa Store Employee ‘Snatching’ Baby: A shocking report has been reported from Alberton South Africa, where a stranger has been caught snatching a baby after her mother turned her back to pick up some groceries and daily essential food items from the refrigerator in a Supermarket. The video of this shocking incident has been recorded on the CCTV camera of the Supermarket.

Alberton South Africa Viral Video Store Employee 'Snatching' Baby


The victim lady whose baby was being snatched has been identified as Danielle Wolff. Danielle Wolff took this incident to her official Facebook account and she posted the video of that incident. She addressed this brutal incident that happened to her in a supermarket. Danielle revealed that her eight-month-old baby daughter was on a child seat on her shopping trolley and she turned away to pick up some groceries from the refrigerator this stranger man came behind her back and he tried to snatch her baby girl.

The incident happened at the Superspar local supermarket, in Alberton near Johannesburg, South Africa. She revealed how horrifying and harrowing that incident was. Although she was very quick and she saw that guy grabbing her baby. She immediately sensed her baby missing and she started shouting in the supermarket. Danielle started shouting where are you taking my baby? What were you going to do with her? She grabbed her baby back from that stranger. Danielle stated that the stranger who grabbed her baby was smiling all the time when she grabbed her baby back from him. She stated that the stranger replied that he was passing by her trolley and her baby’s arms were up and thus he picked her up.

Danielle further stated that she told him to stop laughing as this is not funny at all. Danielle stated that she was shocked and was frozen for a moment. Danielle even said that you can’t touch anyone’s child without asking. Danielle immediately called her husband and her husband filed a complaint for trying to snatch their baby. Danielle’s husband Bradley has filed a complaint against the guy who tried to snatch her baby from the trolley. The police officials filed the complaint against the guy after reviewing the whole footage from the CCTV camera. As the complaint has been registered now, the police officials are currently investigating the case. Currently, there are no further details about the developments in the investigation.

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