Check Charges & Reports For Kylie Strickland, LaGrange TikTok Star Arrested

 Check Charges & Reports For Kylie Strickland, LaGrange TikTok Star Arrested: Kylie Strickland, a Georgia TikTok influencer, has landed herself in controversy. According to reports, local police are investigating the influencer after she flashed her breasts at two children during a live stream. Kylie has become the center of controversy after a video clip of her lifting her top and exposing her breasts to two young boys in a swimming pool circulated online. Although the accurate ages of the children seem to be unknown, it is said that they were minors. Now, Kylie has been arrested by the authorities. Check further details here.

Kylie Strickland arrested


According to a press release from the Troup County Sheriff’s Office, the 30-year-old influencer is charged with computer or electronic pornography and child exploitation. Authorities have stated that Strickland was reportedly at her residence when she exposed herself in a provocative manner to two minor children. The officials have confirmed that the TikTok influencer purposefully exposed her breasts to the young children when she was streaming live on social media. After getting the news, Kylie Strickland was arrested by the Troup County Sheriff’s Office. The warrant issues were issued by the Pike County Sheriff’s Office for her arrest.

Having more than 260,000 followers on TikTok, Kylie is quite popular on social media. Due to the ongoing controversy, her account is now set to private. Usually, the influencer posts funny and humorous videos and posts on her account. She has managed to gain around 7 million likes across her account. However, Kylie has come in the middle of a mass backlash by TikTok users after her inappropriate videos and allegations circulated online. The users are trolling her for doing such kind of stuff that can affect the innocence of the minor children. Due to the viral clip, she has become a hot topic on the internet.

As per reports, Troup County Sheriff’s Office started to look into reports of the video on June 28. In a news release, the officials stated that they got to know about the TikTok video that started going viral all over social media. Soon investigation began and the authorities determined the location of the video. Troup County Sheriff’s Office then contacted Pike County Sheriff’s Office, where the incident occurred. Currently, they have been investigating the video and the entire matter that has gained the attention of everyone. Our team is trying to fetch more information on the ongoing matter so that our readers can stay updated.

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