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Republican Congressman Jim Hagedorn has passed away at the age of 59. On Friday morning, Hagedorn’s wife, Jennifer Carnahan, shared the news on her Facebook. Jennifer, the former Minnesota GOP, said that Jim died peacefully on Thursday night, February 17, 2022. As the news of his sudden passing came to light, everyone started paying him sincere tributes on social media. Carnahan wrote on FB post that Jim loved their country and loved representing Southern Minnesota’s people. Jennifer added that Jim lived his dream of serving others every moment of every day.

Congressman Jim Hagedorn Of Minnesota Dies At 59: Check Death Cause Bio Family

Jim Hagedorn wife Jennifer Carnahan wrote that there was no stronger conservative in their state than her husband and it showed how Jim voted, led, and fought for the country. The ex Minnesota GP further added that he was a loving husband, son, cousin, brother, uncle, nephew, brother-in-law, friend, Vikings, Penguins, and Twins fan and will be missed remembered by many. Hagedorn had called that representing the first congressional district of Minnesota was the greatest privilege of his life.

How Did Jim Hagedorn Die?

As the news surfaced, Kevin McCarthy, House Minority leader remembered his colleague as a patriot. Kevin said that he did not let cancer stop him from serving people. The leader added that Jim was a patriot who will be remembered for his deep passion for serving others, his joyful spirit, and his strong Christian faith. In a statement, McCarthy said that Jim came from a family which has a long history of farming and was the son of a member of congress.

It was added that Hagedorn started as a congressional staffer and then became a member and he focused on strengthening and supporting the agricultural community as it was the foundation for his Southern Minnesota community. McCarthy further said that the 59-year-old lived and breathed the spirit of optimism. Kevin McCarthy wrote that Jim was battling cancer but he never let it stop from working to better the lives of his fellow Americans and the lives of his constituents.

The leader said that Jim always put others ahead of himself. Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, also expressed her sadness on Jim Hagedorn’s untimely death. She wrote that Jim was a proud son of Minnesota, descended from three generations of farmers and he brought committed voice for his constituents. In July 2021, Jim had shared about the return of his kidney cancer. Further in January, he had gotten tested for the ongoing virus. We pay tributes to him!

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