Check Written Update On Anupama Today’s Episode 23rd August 2022

Check Written Update On Anupama Today’s Episode 23rd August 2022 : Here we are back with the latest update of the Anupama. This serial is very popular among people and this serial is telecast on the star plus channel. This episode starts with Anu determining to call Anupama and Anuj. GK asks Anu to go. Ankush says he was unaware Anupama has called the office team also. Barkha says good for them because the office team has to work under them and this will help in making rapport in advance. Anupama brings Anuj and then GK says the love of Radha and Krishna is constant. Everyone gets smitten seeing Anuj and Anupama and after that Anupama and Anuj perform a dance and everyone enjoys it.

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Thereafter, Anupama helps Anuj in cutting the cake. She feeds the cake to Anu. Leela gathers Shahs to do puja. She looks for Vanraj. Kavya gets worried if Vanraj went to Kapadia’s house. Leela says it will be unfair if Vanraj will visit Anuj. Paritosh decides to search for Vanraj. Then Vanraj gives surprises all by joining them in the puja. Ankush drops the papers. Anupama is about to check the papers and suddenly Barkha takes the papers from Anupama’s hand and says it belongs to her. Barkha says Ankush cannot do any work with responsibility.

On the other side, Ankush asks Barkha the reason. Barkha says he dropped the papers. She adds the battle doesn’t belong to her alone. Barkha asks Ankush to support her because she turns evil alone in front of others. Anupama notices Barkha and Ankush. She thinks Anukush and Barkha are cooking something. Shahs and Anupama celevrates Janmashtami then Anuj remmbers the chiff incident. Vanraj excuses himself. He sneaks into Anuj home. Vanraj says sorry to Anuj for his mistake. He says to Anuj that get well soon because Anupama and Anu need him.

Anupma and other family members get shocked. Adhik sees Pakhi. Pakhi remembers supporting Vanraj post-learning and later going to Anuj’s place. Back to reality; Pakhi enters the house. Ankush says to Barkha if Vanraj went crazy. He says what he is going here. Barkha says good for them. Adhik says Pakhi is stupid for taking Vanraj to the house. He thinks Barkha wanted Vanraj to be at the house. To everyone’s surprise, Rakhi visits Kapdai’s. Barkha accuses Vanraj of visiting them. The episode ends here, so don’t forget to watch the full episode of the Anupama on the star plus channel.

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