Check Written Update On Kundali Bhagya Today’s Episode 25th August 2022

Check Written Update On Kundali Bhagya Today’s Episode 25th August 2022: In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Arjun enters his office. Here, Prithvi is hiding behind the desk. When Arjun enters, Prithvi goes to the other side. However, he gets noticed by the guards. Arjun asks the guards to throw the man out. Prithvi says that he knows about the connection with Raja. Arjun gets shocked to hear that. He asks the guards to leave them. On another side, Preeta is walking in the hall when she notices that she has the napkin. Ganesh comes to her and says that Rishab’s tiffin is ready.

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Preeta asks Ganesh to give the tiffin to her as she will give it to Rishab herself. Ganesh agrees and goes on to ask her to give the napkin to him as it belongs to Arjun. Preeta gets shocked hearing that and asks him what is the napkin doing there. She further asks him how is he going to give him that. Ganesh answers that their driver knows about Arjun’s office which happens to be near their own office.

Preeta thinks that she does not even want to see his face and would not like to have anything which belongs to him in their house. She takes the napkin and tells him that she will give it to him. In the next scene, Arjun sits with Prithvi and questions him about Raja. Prithvi says that he should ask him what he knows about him and that he knows how he built relationships with lies and that it should end. Prithvi goes on to say that he knows about Raja and the truck accident.

Arjun recalls the moment when he gave the money to Vishnu to harm Rishab. Arjun gets tensed and asks Prithvi what he wants. Prithvi smiles and says that everyone needs money but he wants to know why he is against Rishab. He continues that he needs to know why Arjun wants to stab Rishab in the back. Arjun gets angry and says that he does not need to tell him anything.

Prithvi explains that Karan Luthra, a person from his past who also planned to kill him but ultimately perished, tricked Prithvi into marrying Preeta while he was sitting in the Mandap at his wedding. When Arjun is unable to take it anymore and slaps Prithvi in anger, Prithvi swears to also teach Preeta a lesson.

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