Check WU Rehmat Celebrates Her Birthday In Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 26th August 2022

Check WU Rehmat Celebrates Her Birthday In Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 26th August 2022: your favorite and highly anticipated TV drama Udaariyaan” is set to make you feel over the top, as the 26th August 2022 episode is bringing the high voltage drama along with those activities which will definitely make you feel over the top. Because Tejo decided to take Rehmat’s custody as her entire family is spending quality time with her and getting attached as well. This is the reason, it would be inappropriate to vanish this happiness of them, hence, she keeps her mouth shut so that, their happiness could remain ahead.

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Then, the show will receive a leap as her daughter Rehmat will enter her childhood and start doing the things she wants to do. Because she loves boxing and earning money at such a small age in short greediness is in her blood, hence, she thinks about money all the time which makes Tejo worry as well. Even, Tejo thinks to make her understand certain things but she always refuses to her while rushing out. But now, it is Rehmat’s birthday and this is the reason, Tejo decides to elaborate to her everything she needs to understand.

Meanwhile, Rehmat thinks that it is her birthday and till now no one came to wish her which is literally heartbreaking, and therefore, she gets upset too. Then spontaneously someone knocks on her door with the gifts and she supposes that Tejo and her family are there, but there is her friend who arrived to celebrate her birthday. Rehmat gets happy and says that if someone looks at her then what will happen, but her friend says that she does not need to think about that and gives her gifts as well. In short, Rehmat is celebrating her birthday without her own family.

In the previous, episode as the viewers have watched that Rehmat asks Tejo to tell her the story of two sisters, and Tejo agrees but spontaneously she hits with the memories of Jasmine. She gets emotional a bit because Jasmine is not with her and it is been a very long time having met her. But she holds her tears and at the time of controlling the emotion, she tells the story by saying while mentioning everything, that how she used to spend her time with Jasmine and they would make exploits together. So do not miss streaming the show on Colors at the correct time

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