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Choreographer Siva Shankar master is dead- cause of death


At around 8pm on Sunday evening, Shiva Shankar Master, a popular Telugu choreographer who fought for his life in a private hospital in Hyderabad, took one last breath. The wife and two sons of Master Shiva Shankar survived.

Master Shiva Shankar was hospitalized after contracting COVID-19 a few days ago. Obviously, the virus had a serious impact on his lungs. A health report stated that 75% of his lungs were infected. Unfortunately, his wife and eldest son also contracted the virus. The eldest son was treated at the city hospital, and the master’s wife Suganya was isolated at home.

Celebrities Danush, Sonu Sud, Chiranjivi and others came forward to provide financial assistance for the treatment of Master Shiva Shanka and his family. However, Master Shiva Shankar did not respond to treatment on Sunday and his condition deteriorated. The doctor announced that he was dead not long ago and is waiting for more details.

The 73-year-old national award-winning choreographer and TV personality Siva Shankar is critical after testing positive for COVID-19.

The latest report confirms that he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of AIG Hospital in Gachiboli approximately four days ago. Ajay Krishna said in an interview with ETimes TV: “Yes, his condition is critical. Please pray for him.”

Ajay claimed that his father had been at home for the past 20 days. The source said that his brother was also sent to the intensive care unit. “My dad and brother are now lying on the bed in the intensive care unit. This is a very difficult scene,” Ajie said.

A source close to the choreographer revealed that the family is working hard to pay for medical expenses of nearly Rs. Siva Shankar makes 120,000 per day. His family is receiving support on social media, and media professionals have shared his health status seeking financial support.

In terms of work, the national award-winning choreographer Siva Shankar challenged the TV audience through a popular dance reality show hosted by Ohmkar. He judged the reality show with Rajini and others. His appearance on social media with choreographers Baba Bhaskar, Jaani and Raghu in Suma Kanakala’s Cash is also very popular. Siva Shankar is also part of the popular daily soaps No. 1 Kodalu and Naga Bhairavi.

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