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Broadcaster Chris Kamara has become the subject of much interest. Fans started messaging the Sky Sports star after he appeared on Soccer Saturday, asking whether he was okay. The fans noticed that Kamara, affectionately called “Kammy,” appeared to have trouble speaking. Twitter got flooded with messages of concern as Chris Kammy’s slurred speech video became viral. Viewers were concerned about Kammy’s well-being and discussed it on social media. Chris started trending and attracted those sections of people who did not even know about him. Read this article to find out more about the whole situation.

Chris Kammy

Fans rushed to Twitter to talk about it. One user tagged Chris Kamara and asked if he was fine, noticing he was not at his best today. The user added that he did not mean that in an offensive way as he could get help or talk to someone if struggling. Another one wished that Kammy was ok since his speech was very slurred. To show his concern, another person commented that Kammy’s speech seemed slower and a bit slurred. People who watched Soccer Saturday continued to express concerns.

Following viewers’ concerns, the 64-year-old former Brentford footballer took to Twitter to explain. Kamara described developing apraxia of speech as a speech disorder. Further, he has a thyroid condition that he disclosed last year. He went on to pledge to overcome the speech disorder. The footballer tweeted that he just wanted to let a few of the people who tweeted him today know that he is okay.

Chris added that some days it can be a little slow and some days it’s normal. Hopefully, I can beat this, said Chris. The Tweet was shared on Twitter on March 20 and had gotten more than 161K likes with plenty of comments. After the Tweet, fans wished him all the best and hoped for his speedy recovery too. Last June, Chris had revealed to his son Jack about being diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, a condition when the thyroid gland does not make enough hormones to meet the body’s needs.

Despite suffering from brain fog and slurred speech, the footballer kept his health issues under wraps for almost two years. After having had both good and bad days, Kamara feared he was suffering from dementia. Chris explained that he could not remember anything. We wish Chris Kammy a speedy recovery too. Stay tuned to this space for more such updates and the latest news.

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